Why Choose Data Dwell

The ONLY Sales Enablement Software Built
IN Salesforce, FOR Salesforce

Data Dwell is the sales enablement software developed specifically for Salesforce users. It means we can accessmore data so you get more analysis and reporting than with any other sales enablement provider. And that means you and your teams can work faster, smarter and more effectively – again and again.

Data Dwell gives you more

More Data = More Analysis = More Effective Content = More Sales and Revenue

  • More Data

    Data Dwell gathers dozens of content performance metrics from every part of the sales funnel AND the wider customer journey

  • More analysis

    Data Dwell delivers fully customizable reports into every single asset to give you a truly comprehensive insight into all your content

  • More effective content

    Data Dwell connects all your content data directly with your CRM, helping all departments create and share better content

  • More sales and revenue

    Data Dwell tracks all content usage and relates it directly to closed deals, improved customer retention, and greater success across your organization

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“I wish we’d found Data Dwell earlier! We would never have used the previous provider, because the business intelligence that we get from Data Dwell, and the visibility for content and for marketing is great. And the team is amazing.”
Lisa Sedlmayr,
Content Manager at Red Points

See how Red Points got unrivalled insights into their content effectiveness and increasedrevenue for every department

And why we’ve got 5 star reviews across everyindependent review platform

In-Built not Integrated

Data Dwell is designed and built from the ground-up to work inside Salesforce. It connects directly - natively - with your Salesforce CRM and all your existing processes, so there’s no need for any time-consuming integrations. It means more in-depth analytics and more powerful results.

Clicks not code

We’ve made Data Dwell as simple to use as possible, while still giving you all the customization you want.  Creating personalized dashboards and bespoke reports is quick and easy, with no developers and no code required.


Administrator in Computer Software

Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

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  • Review source: Organic
Nov 11, 2021

"Endlessly flexible, fantastic platform for ABM"

What do you like best?

DataDwell is endlessly flexible. Also, since it is built on Salesforce it integrates directly into Sales and Marketing processes with ease.

What do you dislike?

Overall there was nothing I disliked about DataDwell.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We were looking to use DataDwell to do Account Based Marketing targeted at key accounts. Using this tool, we have been able to provide targeted, personalized experiences for our accounts while also sharing the content we wanted them to have. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com

Weeks not Months

Data Dwell’s speed of implementation is second to none, with deployment across your organization in as little as two weeks. It means your teams can be up and running faster than ever, delivering a near-instant return on investment.

Collaboration not Conflict

Data Dwell aligns all your commercial teams, breaking down silos between Sales, Marketing and other departments in your customer journey. It promotes more efficient, more effective sharing of content and feedback across the whole funnel.


User in Marketing and Advertising

Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

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Jul 29, 2020

"Finally some clarity"

What do you like best?

A lot of our time goes into creating assets for the sales team, whether it is case studies, one-pagers, explanatory videos, etc. And although the sales team is made aware of each new piece of content, it’s not easy to make sure that they actually use it. So, a lot of content probably goes unused, which can only result in wasted time and marketing budget. Data Dwell helps me see what is and isn’t being used, what each Sales rep uses and when, and that helps us adjust accordingly. But most importantly, the assets are promoted to them directly in the pipeline, so they don’t spend a lot of time searching for documents anymore.

What do you dislike?

As a recent user, I'm not aware of any weaknesses of the solution.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

One of the problems that is being sorted out is the disconnect between marketing & sales. Benefits include the array of insights that will help with the creation of future assets, the option to see the engagement of prospects with content, and also learning of new stakeholders from a specific prospect's company.

Suggestions not Searches

With all your content together in one single place in Salesforce, it’s always easy to find the exact assets you need. Managers can position content precisely in the funnel so Reps don’t need to search. Or Data Dwell can recommend content for every stage of the customer lifecycle based on a variety of prospect information.

Insight not Guesswork

With access to more prospect information and content usage data than any other sales enablement platform in Salesforce, Data Dwell is the only software that provides granular content analytics. From new leads through to customer success, you never have to guess how your content is performing.

See how Data Dwell fixes the disconnectswith your data to deliver the clarity you need

Work the way you want with Data Dwell’s seamless integrations

Data Dwell is the Sales Enablement Software That

  • Brings All Your Content Together

    With one location in Salesforce for every single content asset your team could ever need, all easy to find, position, and share in seconds

  • Dives Deeper Into Your Analytics

    With advanced, fully-flexible reporting that gives you the exact insights and feedback you need to transform the content you produce

  • Delivers Superior Customer Support

    With a small, focused team on hand to help with anything and everything you need, proving that bigger is not always better

  • Moves Beyond Sales

    With software that works across your entire customer journey - not just sales - to help your organization focus on revenue enablement

Experts in Revenue Enablement

At Data Dwell, we’re passionate advocates of the benefits that a revenue-centric approach can bring to your business. We’ve pulled together all the latest thinking on revenue enablement right here.

Experts in Sales Enablement

We don’t just provide software. We help you deploy a powerful sales enablement strategy and support your organization with advice, insight and hands-on improvements at every opportunity.