Are you ready to get more from your sales enablement software?

Your sales enablement strategy – and the software you use to support and deliver it – is one of the most valuable assets your organization has.

Your sales enablement strategy – and the software you use to support and deliver it – is one of the most valuable assets your organization has.

Done right, sales enablement has the potential to transform your sales funnel – engaging more prospects, converting more customers and increasing deal values.

But done wrong, and your sales enablement approach could turn into an expensive, ineffective waste of resources.

That’s why most organizations will focus all their efforts on the sales funnel. As Data Dwell CEO, Olafur Thorkelsson says:

“The majority of organizations spend all their time deploying their sales enablement software with sales reps, within the traditional sales funnel. But is that enough? Are they missing a trick?”

But the most successful organizations recognize there’s more than just sales. They know their efforts should be focused on Revenue Enablement.

“Those businesses who are shifting their focus from sales to revenue – the companies who are recognizing the potential of revenue enablement – those are the ones to watch in 2022.” Olafur Thorkelsson.

Those organizations know they need to move beyond sales. We know too. It’s why we’ve written a comprehensive guide about it: Moving Beyond Sales: How To Get More From Your Sales Enablement Software.

It’s over 20 pages of insight and guidance showing you how to maximize your investment in Sales Enablement Software and follow in the footsteps of the most mature, most successful organizations deploying a sales and revenue enablement approach.

Download your free copy here.

Where do you land on the sales enablement maturity model?

If you don’t know what the sales enablement maturity model is – or where your organization currently sits on it – then our white paper is a great place to start.

Are you just getting started with a sales enablement approach? Are you invested in software and deploying a sales enablement strategy? Or are you streamlining processes, improving automations and increasing adoption across your entire organization, implementing enablement-centric strategies at every opportunity in the customer funnel?

This white paper will help you find out if your organization is:

  • Enablement Aware
  • Enablement Proficient
  • Enablement Focused
  • Enablement Centric

“Most organizations using software already will be enablement proficient. Some might be more focused than others, using their sales enablement tools more effectively. Only the top 1% will be truly enablement centric.” Olafur Thorkelsson

Could (and should) your sales enablement software be doing more?

If you want to increase your sales enablement maturity, you’ll need to make sure you’re using the right software.

Your sales enablement software should have the potential to do so much more than simply supporting your sales reps.

It will help you:

  • Train and educate your team
  • Remove purchasing barriers for your prospects
  • Bring departments closer together
  • Report on how every piece of content performs
  • Transform your entire customer journey

“Investing in expensive sales enablement software that simply operates in a small part of your sales funnel is like buying the latest smartphone and just making phone calls. You’re missing out on so much potential.” Olafur Thorkelsson.

Download our white paper to discover if you are using the right type of sales enablement software, and how you can use it to deploy the right content and develop the right mindset to shift your organization to an enablement centric approach.

Is it time to move beyond sales?

If you want to get more from your sales enablement software – to maximize your investment AND increase your revenue, then it’s time to move beyond sales.

It’s time to follow the five key steps to becoming enablement focused, putting the processes in places that can change attitudes in your organization and better serve marketing teams, sales reps and, most importantly, your customers.

It’s time to find out exactly what kind of difference an enablement centric approach can bring.

It’s time to download our white paper: Moving Beyond Sales: How To Get More From Your Sales Enablement Software.

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