Data Dwell Product Updates: Version 1.106

We’re excited to announce the latest version of Data Dwell’s Sales Enablement software, complete with a host of updates. We’ve introduced several new features to help you and your sales reps work smarter and more effectively.


Content Tailoring

Our main new feature is an exciting new content tailoring add-on. It lets marketing position editable content templates – as PowerPoint, Word documents or Excel spreadsheets – and allows sales reps to personalize them as much as they’d like before sending.

Take a look at some of the benefits of content tailoring and how it could be incredible useful for your organization.


New Customization Features

Customization and personalization is a core feature of Data Dwell, and we’ve released some additional ways to ensure our Sales Enablement software works exactly the way you’d like it to:

  • Custom Metadata: If you’d like to categorize your content files by a unique metadata field, we’ve now added functionality to let you create any type of field that’s supported by Salesforce and tag/arrange assets by that custom metadata
  • Microsite Branding: New functionality means that it’s now easy for you to create your own custom CSS and framework around screens where content is displayed – giving your app a more personal feel or branded to your organization
  • Record Page Personalization:Administrators can now create their own Data Dwell features, customizing record pages to include the tools and functionality they use regularly. Features that aren’t used can be removed, de-cluttering the record page, and additional reports can be added for those who want detailed views of the custom metrics that matter most to their business.


New Support Features

We also listen to feedback from our customers, and so with this latest release, we’ve added some additional support features to make sure our Sales Enablement software works effectively with your processes and requirements: 

  • External videos: We’ve ensured that all external videos hosted with Vimeo, YouTube and Wistia are now fully supported within Data Dwell, including thumbnail previews and tracking functionality
  • Internal tracking: All internal previews are now recorded within your account, so you can see exactly how any internal users are using and interacting with training materials or other pieces of content


Get in touch to learn more about the new features in our latest update, or to request a demo if you’re not yet using our Sales Enablement software.

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