The start of any sales funnel is about building awareness and attracting prospects. It’s the tip of the iceberg – the part your prospects will always see first.

    February 2022

    Next you need to build on your brand awareness, explore the problems your prospectsmight face and create interest in possible solutions.

    February 2022

    The next stage of your iceberg should keep building out information, sharing more and more content about your offer to help your prospects want your solution over your competitors.

    February 2022

    At the bottom of the traditional sales funnel, it’s time to close the deal and encourage those prospects to sign up – before they splash into the ocean and are lost to your sales and marketing teams.

    February 2022
  • Split section

    This might be the bottom of the traditional sales funnel – but it’s not the bottom of the sales enablement… Read More

    February 2022

    Your customer journey funnel needs to work equally hard below the surface to make sureyour prospects are onboarded smoothly and efficiently, so they don’t change their mind.

    February 2022

    The biggest section of the iceberg, and arguably the most important part of your funnel. This is your sales process – everything you did above the surface – all over again. And again. Keep engaging to keep your customers.

    February 2022

    At the bottom of the sales enablement iceberg – the section that underpins the entire funnel - are your most loyal customers. Those who’ve proven every stage of your customer journey works and will advocate for your organization.

    February 2022

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